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We would like to invite you to our IT Security professional day.

ProDay2017’s concept is to develop and enhance cyber security awareness with both offensive and defensive peresentations and workshops, by sharing experience with real cyberwarriors from both sides, while following closely a scenario-driven, strategic decision support simulation

National Cyber Competition - „What will the policymakers do after the day of the crisis?”

During the interactive competition the competing teams discuss the strategic and tactic responses to a major cyber-attack on the day after the incident occurred. The goal of the competition is to enhance the national cybersecurity skills and to put such skills to the test, while it aims to expand general cybersecurity knowledge and awareness among the audience.

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H-1146 Budapest
Ajtosi Durer sor 19-21

Dürer Event House

09. February 2017

National Cyber Competition

900+ sitting and standing room
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IT Securitiy professionals



Interactive pastime


Manufacturer, developer and reseller

From the smallest to the biggest


Conference room

Comfortable enviroment

Dr. Balazs Bencsik

National Cybersecurity Institute

Donat Kovacs

Metasploit & Nexpose vulnerability assesment, the easiest way

Search and validate the vulnerabilities at the same time

Dr. Boldozsar Bencsath

Incident Response in Practice

In this talk, we present how incident response should work in practice, focusing on incidents resulting from targeted attacks. We emphasize the importance of deep technical investigation in such cases and point out the role of threat intelligence collection that incident response teams should continuously perform to support their response capabilities and increase their effectiveness. We also provide some real-life examples for illustration purposes.

Lunch break

Jason Soroko

Identity: A Foundation for Cybersecurity

The majority of recent breaches have something in common that is overlooked when considering defensive architecture. Stolen credentials are almost always one of the first of several steps that an attacker must perform in order to complete their goal. Securing your enterprise's digital identities is not mutually exclusive from an enhanced user experience. We will also discuss leveraging mobile platforms as part of your digital identity security strategy.

Michal Ciemiega

Unprotected privileged accounts - the easiest path to the heart of the enterprise

Gergo Gyebnar

Challanges in a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Prof. Dr. Zoltan Rajnai


To be announced


Kalman Makay


National Cyber Competition

Black Cell Kft.

Win a prize

The prizes are two Blackphone 2 devices with one month Silent Suite subscription. You have to fill our questionaire for the gift lottery.


MySec Talk | SOC in daily practice

- Keleti Arthur - Cyber-Secret Futurist, IT Security Strategist at T-Systems - Szabó Gábor - Head of Cyber Defence at MOL Group - Gyebnár Gergő – SOC Chief at SEP2

Andreas Persson, Patrik Reischl

The Bad guys Never had it Easier, but Prevention is Possible

Traditional antivirus is not the solution to preventing security breaches on the endpoint – it is the problem. Hacker’s never had it easier. Join this session to learn more about: - How Ransomware work - Why does antivirus no longer offer a meaningful security value - Requirements of any AV replacement - How to replace antivirus - Ransomware demo Palo Alto Networks replaces traditional antivirus with Multi-Method Prevention by combining the most effective, purpose-built, malware and exploit prevention methods to protect your endpoints from known and unknown threats.

Chadd Anthony

DDoS: The Persistent and Relentless Global Menace

Clive Wainstein

Insight IDR + UBA

Lunch break

Kaiser Sebastian

Sophos Intercept X – a live demo how to stop ransomware at the door!

The presentation will introduce Sophos´ concept of next level ransoware protection Intercept X

Tamas Kocsis

The art of deception.

Honeypot (HYP) and deception (DCP) technologies in the enterprise security. And Bullshit Bingo :)

Alexei Lesnykh

Data leak prevention technologies – a critical piece of the GDPR compliance puzzle

As the countdown for the full enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation has begun, organizations of any size and industry across the European Union strive to figure out, which IT security solutions they should use to comply with the new standard. This presentation is aimed at explaining why the use of data leak prevention technologies in corporate IT systems is necessary for achieving GDPR compliance.


Respected professionals will prove with a panoramic view about the present technologies, products, solutions and developments in the field of IT security

Rajnai Zoltan

Prof. Dr. Zoltan RajnaiCybercoordinator of Hungary


To be announcedFORTIX

Gyebnar Gergo

Gergo GyebnarBlack Cell Ltd.

Bencsath Boldizsar

Dr. Boldozsar BencsathUkatemi

Keleti Arthúr

Arthur KeletiT-Systems

Szabó Gábor

Gábor SzabóMOL Group

Bencsik Balázs

Dr. Balazs BencsikNational Cybersecurity Institute

Kocsis Tamas

Tamas KocsisSecure Networx

Csaba Krasznay

Dr. Csaba KrasznayNational University of Public Service

Makay Kalman

Kalman MakaymySec

Kovacs Donat

Donat KovacsBlack Cell Kft.

Alexei Lesnykh

Alexei LesnykhDevicelock

Chadd Anthony

Anthony ChaddNeustar Inc.

Patrick Reischl

Patrick ReischlPalo Alto Networks

Pearsson Andreas

Andreas PerssonPalo Alto Networks

Kaiser Sebastian

Kaiser SebastianSophos

Clive Wainstein

Clive WainsteinRapid 7

Jason Soroko

Jason SorokoEntrust

Michal Ciemiega

Michal CiemiegaCyberark

Premium Partners



100 parking slots are provided (entry from the Abonyi street),
and the place of the event easily can be reached by the tram no. 1, bus no. 7, 70 and trolley bus no. 74 and 75.

If you have any questions you can find us on the following ways:

  • info@blackcell.hu
  • +36 1 605 0302
  • 9:00 — 18:00
  • Address: H-1146 Budapest, Ajtosi Durer sor 19-21
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